Heys Instrument is proudly presenting the PHOENIX TM violin. The PHOENIX TM has been design with the serious violinist in mind with features that allow the users to concentrate on the music.

The body of the violin is carefully hand crafted from the highest quality maple available. The neck-to-body joint with the heel plate uses a DELTA TM joint. This special joint provides a 100% increase in strength over the typically constructed violins. Much effort is spent in tuning the body of the violin to ensure maximum tonal balance.

The PHOENIX TM is designed to allow the user to use any conventional chin-rest and shoulder rest. Which makes this product a truly user friendly item. The tuned balance feel allows the user to play for hours without any physical fatigue.

The PHOENIX TM is a "electric" violin. Configurable to meet any desire. The PHOENIX TM DIMENSION “AX”TM model, the top of the line unit, will give you the ultimate in high tech electronics. From pre-amp to wireless transmitter, all is contained within the tuned acoustic chamber, carefully packaged internally to protect it from any mishandling.

Tonal Quality:
We at Heys Instrument believe that the success of the conventional violin is due to the overall balance and centuries of research. That’s why we balance our instrument as if they are acoustic instrument. The pick-up we use is quite simple and reliable, single element piezo-electric pick-up along with the Heys special patent pending Equalizer TM bridge. The pickup will pick up not only the string movement and the nodal characteristic(overtones) of the violin body. It is important to note that the difference between violin body coloration and feedback. The coloration or overtone is the tone that each violin exhibits, that is what gives each unique violin flavor and character. As for feed back if violin body is not properly tune, the sound of each note will vary ( an unwanted action ). At Heys we believe that sound is only as good as the violin, which is constructed, tuned, and carefully checkout individually. You must try a PHOENIX TM and experience the sound quality. But for those who prefer other pick-up configurations. Heys can customize each violin to your personal needs.
PHOENIX TM "Light" - High quality maple. (other material optional by request)
PHOENIX TM "Classic", "Acoustic" - Curly maple. (other material optional by request)
PHOENIX TM DIMENSION “AX”TM , Curly Maple or Birdseye Maple. (other material optional by request)
PHOENIX TM "Light" - natural, brown. (Other colors optional by request)
PHOENIX TM "Acoustic" - Classical Stradivari brown
PHOENIX TM "Classic", DIMENSION “AX”TM - natural, brown, red, green, yellow, black.
PHOENIX TM "Light", "Classic" - Satin Gloss, or Oil Finish (High Gloss optional by request)
PHOENIX TM DIMENSION “AX”TM - Satin Gloss, Oil Finish, or High Gloss.
PHOENIX TM "Acoustic" - Satin Gloss or High Gloss.
Specifications subject to change without notice
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