Heys Instrument is now offering the ROC TM as a companion to its PHOENIXTM violin. The ROCTM ultra high quality monitor designed as the perfect complement, both visually and acoustically to the Heys line of violins.
Design Philosophy:
The monitor has been design to allow the sound of the instrument to proceed as played, without adding or taking away from the natural harmonic structure of the music. The natural overtones generated by the violin strings and body are clearly audible. All types of electronic signal processing can be used to their greatest effect. The sound of music played though the ROCTM monitor is rich, detailed, and vibrant.
The monitor enclosure is constructed predominantly from the same quality solid hardwood as the PHOENIXTM violin, and can be finish to match. To allow natural expansion and contraction of the wood while maintaining the acoustic integrity of the enclosure, as well as to prevent enclosure resonance, A unique bracing structure is used, which prevents ringing of the ports as well as the cabinet.
Only the finest components are used. Woofers cones have a unique carbon fiber/honeycomb sandwich construction, and very large magnet. All capacitors are low-loss polypropylene film types. Non-inductive resistors. And OFC wiring.
The ROCTM monitor has an extended frequency range, very fast transient response, and very low coloration. These qualities make it an excellent choice for use as a monitor for high quality electronically amplified instruments, as a studio monitor, or as a home stereo speaker. In this last application, the ROCTM performance will be comparable to much more expensive ( and more ugly! ) "audiophile" type speakers.
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